About GLOSH beauty

My name is Claudia, better known as "gloschi" on social media, which I'm most familiar with over the last couple of years. During my young adult life, I’ve always felt a little bit lost in the world. It was really difficult for me to find the place and community, I fit in. Most of the time, I felt lonely.

Makeup finally gave me the feeling to be a part of something great, creative and started to be my therapy. It made me realize, I do not need to fit in. I’m beautiful the way I am. In my case, with creative and colorful makeup. I found my own definition of beauty, because no one is allowed to define yours BUT YOURSELF. With makeup, I feel like the best version of myself.


That's why I founded GLOSH beauty. No matter what situation you are in, what style you like, how you think, look or feel. I want you to bring out the BEST in YOU.


Makeup is not just a product that you put on your face. It is emotion, a story, YOUR Story.


Can't wait to hear yours! XO, gloschi 💌